Building your business is extremely hard work. Some of the hardest work you will ever to.  It is critical you protect your capacity to produce.  Maintaining balance in the four main areas of your life (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) provides you the power you need to face the challenges. You and I need daily fortification and strengthening in each area.
PREFSS Provide Protection
I have set for myself a minimum daily requirement I call my PREFSS.  PREFSS are the preferred activities of each day required for health, personal growth and overall well-being.  These activites provide the strength you and I need to perform the difficult and demanding duties of each day.You will want to find your own personal preferred activities to set as minimum daily requirements for you.
My Personal PREFSS Are:
Pray/Ponder – Morning and evening formally and throughout the day, informally, in our heart as I feel the need.
Rest Rise/Retire – Rest is vital for rejuvenation.  Too much sleep leaves me droggy.   Too little, I’m on edge or without strength.
Exercise -Brain over body through physical exercise for strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. The exercise of control my actions (like eating the wrong stuff) adds strength of character.
Follow – Follow my gut, my intuition and my mentor in my daily actions. I strive to choose my course of action based on how I feel. Usually the cumulative results are amazing AND I “feel” good about my choices!
Study – I study the scriptures and sacred rite for strength, learning and edification. I also study “good books” for further development.  I try to spread my study between depth and breadth. Depth in our area of specialty. Breadth in the classics of good literature to make us whole, balanced and well rounded.
Service – Service with sacrifice is the way good works get done.  This action helps me get out of my selfish ways and consider the place of others.
These PREFSS are my preferred path for me each day.  Yours will likely be different.  Make sure your daily preferred actions touch each of the primary areas of YOU.
Track Daily Performance
I use a paper planner to track daily my performance in each of these areas.  While each day all these items may not get accomplished, I can quickly see if a few days are missed.  When this happens, I get focused and make sure the missed item is completed today.  The paper planner gives me a readily visible way to hold myself accountable.  Works for me.
You and I will protect our capacity to produce as we make our PREFSS the daily minimum standard for our activities.  Remember to assure your PREFSS cover each are of YOU (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).
My PREFSS server me well in maintaining my health and personal development while I work hard to build the business of my dreams.  I hope you find the activities you need to maintain your capacity to perform and produce at effective levels.  Remember establish your preferred activities and make them the your daily minimum standard.  Track your actions make this the habit for your character development.  It makes the difference!