Sunrise. A new dawn. A new day. Today. The first day of the rest of my life. I will live it like it is my last because someday it will be. There is something about a new start. The anticipation of the unknown joys to come. The hope of growth opportunities hidden in problems and challenges. The vision of a better world because of what I choose to do today.


Today 07-07-07 at 07:07 the sun burst over the mountain range illuminating a simple, rich scene with a lesson from life; learning by doing. Garden Learning As the water flowed to provide for the first row of thirsty beans, I became aware of how growing beans is much like developing our potential. We envision the fresh beans on our plate. Plan the planting. Prepare the soil. Plant the seeds. Add water. Wait and anticipate the sprout. Daily taking note of the changes. Slowly small hints of the miracle of life. Plants rising against gravity. A miracle. More work.
Through the heat of summer, watering and weeding. Just as you tire of all the labor, there appear buds and beans. Then the picking and processing begins… continues… and continues. Beans (or other garden produce) is delivered to its destination. Then there is satisfaction and sharing. As the family participates in the fulfilled vision. The rewards of vision realized. Yes, there was work, difficulty, persistence, inconvenience and challenges but the vision fulfilled provides reward enough. Especially as it is shared and brings joy to all who partake.
So it is as we embark on our life’s learning. We envision a better place for our loved ones and ourselves. We plan and prepare. We do the actions required. We do what it takes through the tough and challenging moments. We note our progress. We attach the problems and anticipate arriving at the place we envisioned. As we do, we share our success with others and desire to enrich their lives.
On this day, the first day of the rest of our lives, I, and maybe you, choose to embark on today’s life’s learning by doing what it takes to meet the tasks required to progress toward our vision. Live it like it’s your last. Learning is a blast! Doing Life’s Learning, Jim