Exceptional.  Extraordinary.  Amazing.  Awesome.  Are YOU?

I wonder if we knew who we really were before we got here on Earth would we see beyond this traveler’s dilemma in our lives?

Flashback – Stretching beyond the barriers we see…

There was a time in my life I was a wrestler.  Yes I did all kinds of insane things to make weight.  One week I had a few extra pounds to lose.  It was going to mean a tough week.  Something happened and I had the chance to wrestle the next weight up and NOT work so hard.  I jumped at the chance. After the tough practice I was exhausted.  No worries.  No weight to loose… until I got home.
I got a kind, but firm,  reminder that I had made a commitment and was going to need to drop the weight to keep harmony on the team by my mom.  (Really do love how moms bring out the best in you and I!).  Could I really loose the weight?  I was exhausted from practice.  I had nothing left.  So I thought.  That night I went out and ran 4 or 5 miles to get to work on meeting my obligations, loose the weight and discover I can go beyond the brink!
We can do so much more than we think.  We can stretch far beyond our mind set bounds.
Today, go beyond your brink of possibility. Tap into your potential and enjoy all the privileges you deserve! (… yes Jim, that means you!)
Best of success,
Teach Jim Strengthen The Feeble Knees
PS – The Pivot Point process empowers your potential with fine focus.