Bregetta, our neighbor died today. She was 100 years old and called me a “Smart Alec” just 4 weeks ago. I was honored. The last few weeks have been hard on the family and on Bregetta.

Life is amazing. Bregetta made you appreciate what you can do with what you are given. The last few years she lived in the chair in the living room serving the world. That is right. She knitted caps and socks for premature newborns, Leper wraps and doilies for friends and family. She was always a joy to visit with as she would share a story of service from her past.
Today at church they announced her passing. The significance of the event did not seem to register. The announcement came across as just another event. It was not intended to be disrespectful. Here is how it came out:
… We got news just before this meeting. Earlier today Bregetta died. (slight pause) There is no vollyball this week. (pause) Next week Thursday there is a skills clinic for volleyball at ….
The announcement was likely made in the context of “life goes on” even on the day a centenarian dies. It left me with an empty and hollow feeling.
Life goes on for each of us. Tomorrow will again be “The first day of the rest of your life… Live it like it is your last because someday it will be.” Like it was today for Bregetta.
Reading earlier this week in The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson I read some thoughts about what others think about us. How at our funeral only a few people are likely to cry. It also stated that what will determine if people come to the actual burial is the weather. If it is raining 50% are likely to be “No Shows”.
So, what is it we can do today to be of good in the world like Bregetta was from her chair. Can we see our own funeral or the last day of our life? What will those we love be saying about us? Can we visualize today what those attending our funeral will say to about us. It is likely many will not be crying. What will the people in our lives today remember when they hear about us in a passing announcement someday:
“… Earlier today we got news that __________ passed away. (Slight pause) There will be no volleyball this week…”