Month: October 2009

Choose This Day

In the course of the day we are each left with choices.  Ultimately the choices we make provide the joy and peace or the sorrow and pain we feel. Small choices, one by one, make up the lives we live and whom we become. How do we...

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The Weekly Game Plan – Part 2

With our Mission in Mind, We are ready to plan the “movement” desired for progress this week as we Ponder, Plan, Project and Perform. It Looks like this: 1. Ponder: I initiate the movement phase of my planning by...

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The Weekly Game Plan

My weekly planning process looks at my life through four different filters. 1. Mission / Vision for My Roles & Goals 2. Movement / Proactive Progress 3. Maintenance / Sharpening the saw 4. Mistakes / Repenting &...

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