Have you decided to work toward professional excellence in your life? In your career? In your Business? Here are 11 suggestions for challenging yourself to develop yourself personally and professionally.  You probably already have a good start in each of these areas.  You like me are already working to become the best you can be so you’ll understand and appreciate the continually evolving nature of professional development.  You get it!
These 11  areas come from an experience I had last week.  No, they were not taught explicitly.  Nobody said hey you should consider improving yourself in these ways. They were deciphered as part of my reflection on my interactions with high quality professionals and associates like you.  Thank you for your influencing this discussion.
As you consider these 11 areas look for ways to improve and renew your commitment to your personal and professional development as well.  (I’m writing them to help in my own professional development goals as well.)
Professional Development

1. Commit to Quality and Excellence

Once you commit you are in and engaged.  To take any other course leaves you empty and incomplete.  You know there is higher ground and a path challenging and rewarding.  You can already see the smiles of joy on the faces of those you serve.  Kind of fun isn’t it to see how your efforts to push toward high performance levels helps those you serve.  They have greater satisfaction.  Happy customers, clients and prospects makes you a pretty happy person as well!  Your commitment raises the bar for industry as well.

2. Learn and Teach the Principles of Abundance and Prosperity

By learning of the many possibilities you have in yourself and your business you soon see and know there is plenty to go around.  You have no competition.  You only have fellow industry collaborator who care enough for you and your customers that they are willing to extend their offering toward greater excellence.  You enjoy the growth you take on as well after you realize there is plenty for you and your competitors. See how in the next section.

3. Stand Out! Be Distinct

Some talk of gaining a competitive advantage.  You know, doing things differently so you stand out in the mind of your customers.  Now you have a way to become distinct.  Different.  Serve your clientele with excellence.  Involve them in improving your offering.  Help them succeed with your contributions.  Listen. Learn. Implement.  You’ll stand out just by carrying out this process. As you striving to become exceptional your customers and clients will uniquely aware that you are distinct.
Professional Excellence: Learning by Doing

4. Learn to Do and Do to Learn

So much of what allows us to grow and develop comes from what we learn.  For many of us school taught us about competition and how it was not ok to share in the learning experience. As we begin to learn outside of school we find out there are many “informal” ways to find out about the next stuff you need to know.  Keep the learning alive.  Gain new stuff daily and apply it to your business efforts.  As you learn from listening to your customers you’ll find ways to implement what you learn.  By doing what you learn you will be poised for the next learning as well.

5. Carry out Continual Effort

Excellence does not happen overnight.  Sometimes the fixing of little things daily is about all you can do.  It is the little things that ad up to the big ones.  You are implementing a pursuit of excellence.  Start with the roughest part of your business and life.  Fix it and on to the next one.  Only by continual effort will you gain the progress you seek.

6. Love of all. Golden Rules.

Along this journey you will  face people and situations that challenge you, your core business and your values.  You’ll experience people with different opinions.  They may be right.  They may be wrong.  How you treat those who disagree with you reveals to you your level of professionalism.  The ability to not get rattled or ruffled by contrary points of view is a sign of your progress in this challenging area.

7.  Fore Go and Forgive

Sometimes the challenge you face may be extreme.  The opposition and the end result of an experience may leave you having to for go getting even and forgive the “wrong” you face.  In this ability to let go and forgive you’ll find the greatest strength to keep to those things that matter most to your business and your personal development.  Try it out. There are so many more important things to care about.

8. Serve With Sacrifice

Going the extra mile may be required from time to time.  Why not just build it in to your processes.  Cover in your standard operating procedures what some consider the extra mile effort. Once you have that excellence build into your process service with sacrifice becomes the standard.  Your customers rejoice and you have a customer for life.  They love you and tell everyone.  Stretching at the start let’s your organization expand because they are used to work at a high level of excellence continually.
customer notice

9. Go Beyond and Give Extremely

Related to serving with sacrifice is striving to give more than what is needed.  This attitude and effort really do not take that much more effort but the interaction feels good to all involved.  When you set the standard for over delivering you have no competition.  They deliver less than your standard package.  You just need to get so good and it that your muscles are set to work at that level.  Professional excellence has it’s rewards.

10. Refine to High Levels of Excellence

This is not an easy path as you can see.  There is always more of a need. There is always something you can improve.  Keeping at the challenge of each day and pushing out to the refinement of tomorrow will help your customers and client come to know you are watching out for them.  That you take care of the details in the process so you and they support each other in keeping them more than satisfied.  It is a synergistic effort that leaves no time for just sitting around looking at the clock. Pursuing professional excellence it a profoundly refining process.

11. Push to Your Potential and More

Potential is something we think we know until we arrive at where we felt we could give no more.  In multiple experiences in my life I’ve grown to the point of my potential only to go far beyond that limited place.  So it is for each of us in our efforts.  For now strive to fulfill your perceived potential. Once you arrive you’ll make your way far beyond what you thought was possible.  To the surprise of yourself and those who know you you’ll be working with “Professional Excellence”.  You will be prepared to grow beyond your perceived and actual potential.  You will develop professionally beyond the limitations of what was possible. You’ll grow into the new possibilities.  Embrace those moments.

There you have Professional Excellence

11 areas to consider expanding and growing yourself.  You are so far along the way toward professional excellence may be it is time to step it up and push yourself into your best self yet.  I’ll be cheering you on.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes and encourage me as I strive to make improvements as well.

Professional Excellence: The Core Compelling Cause of Christians

For the followers of Christ there are many opportunities to rise to the high standards of excellence set by the Master  in caring for those we serve.   Be ye Perfect is a very high standard for Christians. Apostle Dallin H Oaks covers completely the compelling cause of Christians and the areas they can grow toward their individual excellence. (Much of the challenges above find their foundations in the examples of qualities of Christians I know. Thanks for your examples.)

Thank you for your kindness and consideration of these materials.   I look forward to your comments, likes and connections around this topic.
Best of Success in Becoming Distinct in Your Developing Destiny,
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