When you read my “ABOUT” page you noticed a few statements identifying for you and I what I’m about. Do you see my worthy cause?
I’ve tried to answer a few of the  “BIG QUESTIONS” like why do I exist and what is my purpose in life.  Notice I said “TRIED”.  I personally believe we each have a high and glorious purpose for our lives and part of our experience here, now, is to discover that deeper purpose in each of us.  Let me remind you and I of some of what I am about:

You and I are significant. We lead lives of consequence. As we overlook our weaknesses and build on our strengths we, you and I, make life better for those we serve. As we each realize the significance of your life we grasp our uniqueness.  We come to know that each of us are able to initiate significant changes in our lives and the systems around us.

Notice where we start.  The primary premise for each of us.  Because we were created we have significance.  We each have a chance to develop into our best selve or we might choose to be something less than we are.  Either way we each get to enjoy the experience.  Over the years I’ve discovered a few things about myself that impact how we will work together.  You should know that:

I find joy and satisfaction helping individuals grow personally and professionally as we work together developing and discovering our own “Distinct Destiny”.  I can hardly wait to see where your next career and business will take you! I can assure you of one thing.  YOU are now discovering and developing your “Distinct Destiny!” Why not share the journey?

Sometimes along the way we get to feeling pretty lonely.  Our family may be miles away or in the same house but not on the same page.  We might have people who love and care about us but they are some how not on the same page as you.  It happens.
Urbana 2006 motto: Live a Life Worthy of the C...
Other times the people in our lives are with us.  We are with them.  Each of us is pointing the same direction and advancing a cause greater than ourselves.  Then we feel the beauty of what is is to be human.  We find the path of meaningful prosperity. Life is good.
No matter what you are experiencing now, you can know as I do; You are significant.  You are of value.  Every aspect of your life is helping you grow into your next “Life Cycle”.  Enjoy your moment.
It is YOUR time! Time to find and pursue your personal worthy cause.
Personally we develop and discover who we are.  We refine ourselves physically, mentally, socially/emotionally and spiritually.  We strive to be all we can be and become all we are capable of.  In this path of discovery we can join groups and organizations that help us grow.  Organizations that help us reach and stretch toward a worthy cause. Something we can not only believe but that we can work toward.
Recently, I ran into an organization with a Vision and Mission that resonates with me.


We exist to inspire people worldwide to become financially independent, be free to be who they really are, and discover and fulfill their personal mission and purpose.

How do you feel when you read their VISION? Is this vision congruent with you and  your cause? Do you believe we can “be free to be who we really are“? Is this a worthy cause?
Thank you again for coming by. So kind of you to share, like and comment. Your mission is meaningful to me. Thx!
Best of success,
Teach Jim Strengthen The Feeble Knees