Cancer and concern are cares that often come together. The cancer patient is concerned for their situation and their family, friends and caregivers show concern for the patient. Hard times and challenges can bring pity for self and others.

It is just so hard. They don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. How can this be happening? Concerns over physical health and emotional well being cause us all to feel for those in this situation.

Today I learned of Devin, a 15 year old cancer patient who was not doing well. He had every right to be discouraged and depressed. So did his visitors, family and friends. He could have looked into his heart and focused on his sad position.

For some like Devin the seeking sorrow in self-pity just is not in their language or life. Sure the struggle was tough but Devin had a perspective worthy of us all.

He asked for a small refrigerator for his 15th birthday, his last. In the refrigerator he stored sodas for his visitors. He made a sign for the refrigerator door:

“The Soda Factory — come depressed and leave refreshed.”

He then helped his visitors to find “refreshment” in their interactions with him and their shared soda.

The simple truth is that Devin was living the solution to self-pity. He was teaching lessons on how to face personal sorrow.

The principle of life is this: simple sincere service is the stuff that takes our minds off our own situation.  Sypathetic words spoken softly, a listening ear, and shared feelings from the heart just may be enough to move yourself and others off the path of self-pity.

This is a simple service with deep power to the people involved. Listen from the heart.  Speak from the heart.  Share a heartfelt story.  Carry on a conversation.  Share in their concerns.  Understand their situation.  See in your troubles the situations of those around you.  As you are talking about solutions to THEIR situation your own answers may surface.

Simple acts of concern can take us on a journey of service and understanding which reveal to our heart and minds solutions for our own situation.  Self-pity is overcome by service.  Sometimes this service is simple.  It may be nothing more than a radiant smile but it just may be enough to keep you and I on the positive path of personal progress.


Resolve with me to share in someone’s struggles. See if the service doesn’t lighten the burdens you bare.