While visiting a neighbor the other day, I was surprised to find they had a hidden passion and a desire for leaving a practical legacy.


Sure I knew they loved and cared for their large family over the years but I’d never heard of this one and it seemed like a great idea so I’m sharing.
As you and I know quilts have a certain, enduring endearment.  They are made with loving consideration and often many hours of concentrated effort.  The love put into these comfortable blankets seems to go with the quilt.  It spans years and miles.  Golf Quilt for Son
This loving mother knew her son loved golf.  He has been in tournaments all over.  He has collected a large number of shirts and stuff.  These became the source of the quilt blocks for this quilt.  This themed quilt carried me into another world.
Memories.  Sure they can fade with time but they certainly can accumulate into a massive expression of a love or passion.  Golf was this mother’s son’s deal.  Mom’s goal is to validate her son’s value and her lover for him.  What a wonder these types of legacy projects have.  They take on a passion of their own.  I really enjoyed hearing this story.

More than a Story, A Legacy

Then the story continued as dad, now great grand dad, shared his desire to leave a bit of his legacy for his kids and theirs.  He had a few ideas on how to pull it off but was really struggling with how to pull it all together.  He talked of trying to help these next generations to understand and feel what it was like to “work on a farm”.
He talked of photos and stories and such.  It soon was clear he had a great desire to reach his family but did not know the best was to organize this project.
As we discussed some of the principles we teach in the Order of Profitable Producers he could see a path to leave a legacy by producing his own digital product.  This information product was indeed just what he wants to complete.

Do You Have a Legacy Project?

This family has a great desire to help their children appreciate their past and leverage it into the legacy they leave to the future.  The quilt is a great idea.  It captures the love of this moment and packages it around recognizing the passions of others.  Meaningful for years to come.
The book with pics and other resources gives context to the stories that made up this man’s life and much of who he is.  His family will know and love him all the more when they are readying about his life year after his passing.  He and I are getting busy in the next few weeks.
What are your plans for leaving your legacy? Do you have a practical plan for delivering your passion or recognizing the passions of your loved ones?  Please share your plans in the comments.
I can’t wait to hear how you are leveraging your learning into the significant “Legacy” solution for your loved ones!

Teach Jim Legacy Leverage

Thanks for your stories…