Randy Pausch in is “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon suggested that when there is an elephant in the room we should introduce them.

Sometimes the introduction is painful due to the reality of the situation. So the real question is How will we deal with the cards we are dealt? For the last 15-20 years I’m continually been running into an elephant. I’ve come to call ED. Today, I’d like to introduce him.

Greetings and Introductions

Introducing Ed and His Aliases

Meet Ed. He is the elephant in the room. You’ve seen him and met him many times. Everytime you thought about going to school or sending your children off to school you ran into Ed. Ever fill out a job application? You ran into Ed. Ever been trained? Taken a course? Studied a topic? Read a Book? You’ve met Ed. Ed is Education’s nickname.
Ed is everywhere. Some of his aliases are “homework”, “learning”, “study”, “research”, “knowledge”, “training” and sometimes even “experience”. If you’ll notice almost every aspect of our lives is influenced or touched by our Education or the Education System and it’s related institutions. We can be talking about most any topic and education or one of it’s related words will show up in the conversation.  Just listen.

Just Listen. Do You Hear What I Hear?

You’ll be amazed as I am. Ed shows up is some of the most unusual and unexpected places. Ed will be in the Super Bowl this year. He’ll be at your workplace. Ed even showed up in my recent visit to our 4 day old granddaughter. Yes we wondered what she would become and that thought brought Ed into the room.
Do you have dreams? Aspirations? I bet Ed will show up in your plans! Just listen to yourself and your world. See if you can go a day and not think about elephants like Ed in the room.

Acknowledge “Ed” The Elephant In The Room with #EDTEITR

Try it out. See how long it is before you run into Ed in your life. Go on give it a go. When you run into Ed (and you will) just introduce him with #EDTEITR ( Ed, The Elephant In The Room ). We will all learn a lot as we come to recognize and acknowledge our new found friend, Ed.
Remember, Don’t Think About Elephants!

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