Learning by Mind Mapping is fun. Mastering Internet Marketing mind map is the result of following Mike Dillard’s suggestion to map out Internet Marketing (mentioned in his What Works Now Short Cut System introduction video). Mind mapping is also a way for you and I to deal with information overload.
Learners and experts, like you and I use mind maps to communicate concepts in a realm of knowledge. In this example, I try to capture the entire process of Internet marketing. I consider things helpful to you from a preparation, planning and performance plan of action point of view.
This map actually “starts” in the lower left and works it’s way around (clockwise) to the bottom right. Prioritize, Project, Prepare, Plan, Perform and Perfect are the steps covered. This is a high level map so please do not look for exact tactics or techniques in this map. (Those just may come later.)

Mind mapping helps in project management by visually displaying the scope of a project. When we tackle a project we can see the progress made by marking up the a mind map. A little more fun when it is an attractive image.
Mind mapping can give you a fabulous way to make meaning of the mess of information you are facing at any given time. This is a good way to coping with information overload.
Self-Directed Learners, like us, can master masses of information by getting together a mental map by creating a mind map. We may want to try collaborating together in one.
I’d love to have you collaborate with me on a map! Leave a comment. Let me know.