With our Mission in Mind, We are ready to plan the “movement” desired
for progress this week as we Ponder, Plan, Project and Perform.
It Looks like this:
1. Ponder: I initiate the movement phase of my planning by pondering where I’d like to see myself at the end of the week. I cycle through each of my roles and picture what the end of the week is like. Each project is also considered. What is the next step to move it forward.
2. Plan: With the desired results in mind I examine each Role in my life and establish or review the Goals I have for that role.  With each Role/Goal combination I record the ‘Next Action’ needed to make progress?”  That item is added to the to do list and prioritize highly.  Next I ask “Is there something needed in this role?  If there is I add it to the list but with a low priority. Each role can only have one or two High Priority items.
3. Project: Next, I look at all the high priority items and manage them as a project manager.  I look at their needs for resource and the best time and context for delivering on them within the performance periods of the day.
After looking at the priority items through the eyes of a project manager I try to foresee barriers and walls by projecting into the future the risks associated with each item.  Here I formulate plan “b” type actions or end around the walls or how to blast through the walls (barriers).  Additional action items, like communicating to additional stake holders or including additional players come into the to do list in this process.
I share my prioritize list of action items for the week with my accountability partner/weekly Game Plan Mentor.
4. Perform: The rest of the week I work off the prioritized list for each role while adjusting what I’m working on based on context. Context being the physical location, the time available, the energy level and timing for others involved.  At any given moment I tend to work on the prioritized list but only as it is effective in the context of the day.
At the end of the week and sometimes sooner I get with my accountability partner and assess how I am doing on the prioritized list of critical items. In some areas if the goals for that area are obtained easily and there is extra time for that role/goal the next items on the list are ready to be worked on.
The prioritized plan for the week in each Role/Goal area drive continual progress in each area.  It feels good to be doing so many worthy activities daily.  The feeling of increased control builds confidence in my ability to do the things that matter most.