Learning, Is It Really?

Are you the child of 3? Are you the youth of 17? Are you still your mother’s child or her caregiver? When did YOU change? If you have changed which you is you? Maybe it is time to start learning about you!
Today is the first day of the rest of your life… Who are you and what will you do with that today?

Learning Is Changing

Each “New” Day, Month, Year, event or activitiy gives you and I the chance to change. When you learn something about yourself and the world around you, you change.  Because of the change you are not the you, you were a while ago.

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Does Your Personal Learning Lab Leverage Learning About You

Look at the first day of a New Year.  Is it really different than the day before?  The sun will rise and set the same as everyday here on planet Earth.  The difference is your attitude and your hope of a life improved and  greater satisfaction carries the day.  You have a new hope generated through the possibilities of changes in your choices.
You can actually speed up the entire process by learning more about yourself.  Not the ever changing you, but the you who is doing the learning.  You and I need to become learners about ourselves as learners.  This brings ourDoes Your Personal Learning Lab Leverage Learning About You hopes and dreams into the realm of reality.

Learning About You

Sure you are changing each and every day.  You are not the same any day of the week because what you learn changes who you are.
Your core elements reveal your preferences for learning.  How does your mind work?  Are you a “visual” learner or do you prefer to hear the lesson?  Are you person of action?  Do you learn by doing more than seeing or listenting?
When you learn how you learn you are prepared to know what you can do to learn more quickly each day!  Learning about you, your preferences and dreams makes your ability to change expand quickly.
There are so many barriers to becoming all we want to become.  What is stopping you or I from becoming exactly what we want to be? Is this why we are continually experiencing challenges as we change?

  1. 1. We beleive we know who we are.
  2. 2. We are kidding ourselves.
  3. 3. We do not want to face the reality of who we are.
  4. 4.  We don’t know enough about ourselves to properly plan our own learning expereinces.

Plan now to get to know yourself.  Trust you have it in you to become your best self.  Know there are those of us around you cheering on your change.  Learning about you may just be the fastest breakthorough to the new you you desire.

Your Hope of a New You in the New Year

Isn’t this really what gives us the light in the dawn of the new year?  Hope for a bright future. Hope for a dream come true. Hope for learning the best stuff for us so we can be changed by what we learn.  Will you indeed leverage you and learning about you into the new you?  You are changing.  You are learning.
Why not learn about you and how you learn so you can become the new you faster.  Learn about you so you can learn more around you and change for the better?
I hope you have the time of your life learning to change by learning about how you learn and change.
Best of success,

Teach Jim

Leveraging Learning into Significant Solutions

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Accelerated learning is enabled when you the learner are learning about you!