George Fourie, ThatMLMBeat founder and Top 50 MLM Blogs competition creator shares the excitement behind the scenes of this year’s Top 50 MLM Blogs competition on The Teach Jim Show
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George shares his story of overcoming bankruptcy, an automobile accident and a brush with death. Questioning what his life is about he got kicked into gear again and jumped into life more fully. (See Ears to Hear Life Lessons? opens in new window)
He  shares powerful stories behind the best MLM Blogs on the Internet and the workings behind the Top 50 MLM Blogs competition.  He even reveals the key to Kimberly Castleberry’s win in the 2010 competition.  You will learn tricks he has to help you learn how to drive traffic through your effort in the competition.
Check out and the Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2011 competition. Vote for your favorite blogs and be a part of some of the best informal learning you can find on Network Marketing.

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