Best Business Essential TacticsBusiness essential tactics become the life of your business. Each day you strive to implement the best tactics. Joy in your life and profit in your business can depend on performing essential activities effectively each day. Building your businesses online faces the challenge of nailing down the very best business essential tactics. The Elite Syndication Tribe discovered this need by polling it's members in a conference call. A few members of the tribe joined forces to consolidate the best "Business Essential Tactics" (B.E.T.) of the tribe into a free ebook, "Best B.E.T. An Elite Syndication Tribe Collaboration". Please leverage the learning of this tribe.  You will find ways to enhance your web presence, improve the consistency of "your" presence on the web and tools to automate many everyday tasks.  Please enjoy your free copy of  "Best B.E.T. An Elite Syndication Tribe Collaboration". You can also learn the process we went through to create the book by listening to The Teach Jim Show where we talk about the process. Enjoy, Teach Jim

Listen to this episode of The Teach Jim Show! Learn how we Overcame the Challenges of a Tribe Collaborative Creation:

Overcoming the Challenges of a Tribal Collaborative Creation!