When you take a class does it affect hundreds of people? For Dave and Dawn Cook it did. Dave and Dawn CookLife prepares us for greatness in many ways. The story of  David and Dawn Cook is inspirational. They made the choice which now affects hundreds of people. Their personal choice was a risk. A large risk. But today my life is better because of the choices they made and the path the pursed. They took a course on social media and began to understand the power of tribe syndication. They were told to get five people to syndicate their work. They were frustrated because only a percentage of their five people would actually perform the syndication efforts consistently. Soon Dave applied his engineering experience to the situation. He could see a vision in his mind of not just five but hundreds of people helping to syndicate the work of the individuals in organized groups within a tribe of collaborators. Tribe Syndicaiton Association Tribe Syndication Association (TSA) was born. The right people and players showed up as needed and TSA has grown to be a powerful “FREE” source for learning and perfecting Tribal Syndication. Knowing the risk of too many people trying to coordinate each other’s efforts Dave did a very smart thing. He kept the idea of several small groups working together. These groups in size between five and 10 are the foundation of the success of the Tribe Syndication Association best practices (TSA). How could they pull this off? Listen to their story. Their background is exactly what was needed to prepare them for their current adventure. Their choice was one to leave corporate America. Their journey through self employment in a franchise cost them dearly. They have had several setbacks and disappointments, challenges and triumphs. Dave and Dawn were ready to apply their passion to our progress. It was a privilege to have Dave and Dawn on the show. The way they took action on their experience to add value to hundreds is admirable. The ongoing effort they make weekly is huge. They assure the best possible experience for the TSA Tribe. Once you know what they do you will be amazed as I was. Thank you, Dave and Dawn, for teaching me to serve from experience – give from your background. The real power came as they helped me know that people of vision like, Dave and Dawn, grow out of the challenges they have faced AND overcome in life. Their story took me by surprise and delivered me an enriched entrepreneur. Thank you, Dave and Dawn for sharing your time, experience and inspirational vision. TSA is in good hands. I'm excited to be a part of a vision realized in Tribe Syndication Association. Thanks Dave and Dawn for all you do. Teach Jim (I hope you will enjoy their story and experiences as much as I did.)