Mike KlinglerMike Klingler takes time to "Teach" Jim just how to create big success in a very short period of time. How would it be to hit the target every time? Mike shares powerful insights on how to work through the noise and clamor of the day to  triumphantly implement you vision of tomorrow by preparing a detailed plan and  staying with it. Here are some thoughts from the show. I think you will see a theme and pattern to help you reach the success you desire.  Enjoy the thoughts. Listen to the show.   Reinforce your path to success.

  • A success mindset prepares you to reach extreme goals.
  • You vision for your life should be what drives what you do today.
  • Your vision is the juice. But you have to have the plan. The more clear your plan the better your chances.
  • How can you experience the success you desire? What is YOUR vision? What do you want your life to be like? Do you want to be efficient? Are you effective? When you have a plan, detailed out you have the clarity you need.
  • You need a success mindset. This involves an emotionally maturity and technical process which includes pragmatic Step by Step Plan.
  • So important to have a clear picture of what you want to accomplish. Create in extreme detail what you have in your plan. Never let anything supersede what you already have in my plan. Everything else fits or not based on your plan.
  • You must have a master plan with extreme details. You can only connect with one thing at a time and pay attention to it. Plug into each message one at a time when it is in line with your master plan. When you have the clear details of every step along the process. You know just what the next step is.
  • Create a really clear plan of your end goal. Break it down to all the details. Know what you want to create. What is it you want to do?
  • You can create what you want to create with or without what popped into my email box.

I hope you enjoy the show, Teach Jim

You can find Mike Klingler hanging around his facebook fan page or you can work with him in person at the next live Marketing Funnel Mastery Workshop Nov 5-7, 2010.