Master Networker, Bryan Robert of Personal Development Magazine and the Iology Movie shares his perspective  on personal development on The Teach Jim Show.

Bryan got involved in the “Personal Development” Industry while building a successful network marketing business at an early age.  At the time he was just doing what was necessary part of build his business.  This included reading books, listening to tapes and following the advice of his mentor.
Bryan discovered early on that  “you have success only as much as you develop as a person.”  In other words, “Success starts with yourself”.
Bryan also discovered success is a double edged sword.  It reveals the weaknesses you have.   If you have not developed personally to the level of success you achieve it is likely the success will be short lived.
When asked  why a magazine? Bryan suggested a magazine has the ability to feature many voices, experienced and upcoming wisdom.  Because the magazine comes out every other month it can adjust to changing times and needs of it’s audience.
The discussion covered the following questions.

  • Beyond the magazine what forces are most effective in Developing Personally?
  • What role does a mentor play in personal development?
  • So far you have spoken about external forces helping with developing the individual, How much depends on the individual?
  • Is personal development something an individual can be successful with on their own through these types of processes?
  • What happens when you progress beyond the level of your mentor?
  • How do you transition to a new mentor?

The biggest take away for me was that personal development goes on in cycles.  Typically a person will progress through self-learning activities to progress to a certain point. Progression beyond that point requires a mentor.  The mentor can fill the gaps  and point out the what to learn next and how.  Ongoing progression toward success requires a willingness to act on what mentors and study materials suggest.
Thanks to Bryan for sharing his experiences in personal development.
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