Self-Directed Learning discussion with Kathy Hamilton on Blog Talk Radio went well.  Here is what was on the show.
Teach Jim from The Teach Jim Show ( just completed an investigation of Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems ( using the principles and practices associated with “Syntopical Reading”.  This Self-Directed Learning skill coupled with other effective self-learning practices can help each of us be prepared to face the challenges change introduces into our lives.
Some of the questions to be addressed by Teach Jim:

  • What is Self – Directed Learning?
  • How is Self – Directed Learning is better than fishing!
  • What you did not learn in school and why it is stopping you from becoming a “Self-Directed Learner”
  • The empowering difference between you as a “Self-Learner” and you as a “Self-Directed Learner”.
  • How to shine a light on your learning “Blind Spot” so you enjoy “enlightened” personal study.
  • The place of a Mentor in Self-Directed Learning.
  • Why Self-Directed Learning is more important than schooling today.
  • How to become an expert in the unknown now!