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GOOD.CO helps you find the best fit for you and your future!  Take the self-assessment. Get to know yourself better.  Are there companies that are a fit?

Career Exploration

Utah Futures

Great resource for career exploration used in the public schools in Utah.  Also can be used by the general public.

Career Exploration Resources: Workforce

Career Possibilities

Real Date for Exploring Career Options
This is a really cool chart for exploring your career options.  Best if you find positions on the rise and not the decline.  Enjoy the process and the possibilities.  Try to stay in touch with your own reality.  Who you are and your potential to stick to your passion and interests.

Click image to open interactive version (via Provided by Rasmussen College).

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by Doing with Experiences

Ann Sieg’s 12 BAD ideas on Live Event Monetization

Here is what Ann has. I think of them as “BAD”
B = Before the event monetization activities
D = During the event montization activities
A = After the event monetization activities
As an Instructional Designer and Steven Covey Effectiveness follower I realized, for me, these were really “BAD” ideas. They were in the wrong order! You know. Begin with the end in mind. Before the event decide what you want After the event so you know what to do During the event. I hope you don’t mind my response to Ann Sieg’s BAD ideas.
No I’m not giving away the actual ideas. The were given as a bonus and that would not be fair to Ann or the other bonus recipients. Instead, I’ll can share how I’m implementing these BAD Monetization ideas.
BAD Idea #1
– Webinar 1 How to Leverage an Event into A Profitable Product
Tuesday April 17th 8pm Pacific
New Essential Skills in 3D – The PEER Perspective
Dial: (712) 432-0900
Access Code: 968449#
– Teleseminar – How to coordinate our efforts during an event to produce profitable products at the event.
How To Play “#nes3D”
Thursday April 19th 8 pm Pacific
Dial: (712) 432-0900
Access Code: 968449#
– Meet Up – Register Early so We can Meet UP to plan how to produce a profitable product from the event.
BAD #1
Tues – Follow up Webinar – Note Turn in Deadline
Sat – Products Finalized Working Webinar
Tues – Products Launch for Sale!
B A D Idea 2
I love Ann’s Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto. To me it primary teaching drives how I run my business. “Teaching Sells” Consider getting a copy (
No it’s a BAD Idea 3
I skipped this one. I’ll consider it when my blog ( has more traffic.
BAD Idea 4
Ann Sieg is really an educator at heart. You can see how in two ways.
1. Learn more of the power of your brain from her Brain Speed Workshop
2. You can see Ann come to tears as she shares her success as a teacher in the industry at
2. Pick up her Attraction Marketing Manifesto
BAD Idea 5
Participate! Create Your Profitable Product THIS WEEK!
Saturday LIVE Meet Up for Lunch at NES3 – Granola Bars, Gather and Gab
Sunday VIRTUAL on Twitter – Noon Hour Tweet UP!
– Teleseminar – #nes3D PEERs Plus Report
Friday April 20th 10 pm Pacific
Dial: (712) 432-0900
Access Code: 968449#
– Teleseminar – #nes3D PEERs Plus Report
Saturday April 21 10 pm Pacific
Dial: (712) 432-0900
Access Code: 968449#
BAD Idea 6
Done if you are reading this!
BAD Idea 7
I’m offering Profitable Product Creation Services at the NES3. Learn more at
BAD Idea 8
Follow the #nes3d Tag at Twitter to Shared your noodling, doodling and notes to help everybody produce a profitable product from the No Excuses Summit 3 Experience.
BAD Idea 9
Let’s plan now to sell at least one 30 Page ebook created from our shared learning experience at an event. BTW the book goes for sale on May 1st 2012. Check for promotional links on Twitter, hash tag #nes3D.
BAD Idea 10
Yes I’d be happy to interview you or you interview me at the event. Come to one of our Meet ups or hang on the line at the end of a teleconference call and we can help you shine!
BAD Idea 11
Oh and you All are Invite to participate with #nes3D Product from an Event Development Project. Yes, even you on my list! 😉
B A D Idea 12
See you on Twitter #nes3D for the days after the event and you can like my fan page at or follow me on Twitter ‘@teachjim’. Join the conversation at #nes3d. Want to participate? Get more details at
See these BAD ideas are really quite good. Want a copy of the ideas? You’ll have to talk to Ann Sieg.

Teach Jim Strengthen The Feeble Knees
by Doing The TJ Show

Self-Directed Learning: Adjusting to Constant Change

Self-Directed Learning discussion with Kathy Hamilton on Blog Talk Radio went well.  Here is what was on the show.
Teach Jim from The Teach Jim Show ( just completed an investigation of Network Marketing Lead Generation Systems ( using the principles and practices associated with “Syntopical Reading”.  This Self-Directed Learning skill coupled with other effective self-learning practices can help each of us be prepared to face the challenges change introduces into our lives.
Some of the questions to be addressed by Teach Jim:

  • What is Self – Directed Learning?
  • How is Self – Directed Learning is better than fishing!
  • What you did not learn in school and why it is stopping you from becoming a “Self-Directed Learner”
  • The empowering difference between you as a “Self-Learner” and you as a “Self-Directed Learner”.
  • How to shine a light on your learning “Blind Spot” so you enjoy “enlightened” personal study.
  • The place of a Mentor in Self-Directed Learning.
  • Why Self-Directed Learning is more important than schooling today.
  • How to become an expert in the unknown now!