Can 30 minutes can make a difference? It did for me! In just 30 minutes everything important about managing my time and my life came in as if a flash flood of fond memories.  I am grateful Gavin Mountford was willing to take the time to "Teach" Jim.  It was a fabulous reminder.  Clearly, I had "fallen off the wagon"  a bit.  This show provide the prompting I needed to renew focus! Here is my reaction:

"As the minutes click away and I reflect on our conversation yesterday, I become more grateful.  For me it was an essential experience for my personal development. The most important key revealed yesterday was the idea of laser focused effort for protected blocks of time.  This idea alone changed my activities… I feel rejuvenated. Thanks to you!"

How are you feeling? (here is some of what Gavin and I have felt along our journey)

  • My effectiveness is constantly diluted by distraction….
  • I felt like I was in the deep end of the swimming pool unable to swim and without any arm bands to save me.
  • I felt useless, frustrated and upset that for some reason, and with ALL my knowledge and expertise, I still couldn't make it work!
  • I guess you could say, I was OVERWHELMED.
  • I felt out of control and overloaded with NO HOPE of getting out of that damn job I hated so much!

We all can become more effective in the use of our life's limited time.  Clearly there are key principles and practices to becoming more effective.  This episode of The Teach Jim Show uncovers essential elements of effective time and project management.   Some of what we covered:

  • See the goals and your desired results then work backwards
  • Clearly established blocks of focused energy
  • Build your business by managing lots of mini projects
  • Daily process your notes into timely tasks
  • Maintaining a master list of tasks
  • 3 biggest things I need to move my projects forward
  • Removing distractions through focus
  • How to learn and master time management skills
  • Many more important principles and practices on learning to better manage your time and your life.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.  It is really rewarding to have these kinds of moments in life. We each have so much to offer as we take time to share our experiences.  Thanks again to Gavin Mountfort, the Networking Superstar for sharing his experience gained as he dedicated himself to mastering productivity.

I plodded on, bit by bit, step by step. Learning as much as I could about productivity, time management and HOW to get EVERYTHING that was important to me done, finished and complete in the LITTLE amount of time I had each day.

Please enjoy these powerful 30 minutes.  It just may change the way you run your business and your online life. Enjoy the show! Teach Jim The principles and practices here are  included in the Your Lead Systems Program. Develop personal independence while building your business online! Check out YLSP! Click play to start your listening experience!

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