Back in August a seed was planted. This weekend it began to take bloom. I can hardly wait to see how it turns out. November will tell.

Diyana Alcheva (DiDi) shared a video on Facebook. She was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers by a total stranger. She shared how she felt and then asked us each to pay it forward.

Elsha StocksethLast Tuesday my son and I met with Elsha Stockseth, The Biggest Little U2 Fan in the World. She was so kind. She gave us so much as she shared her joys and struggles.

She shared how she had given beanie-babies to an orphanage in South America. They had crammed as many as possible in the suitcases and hoped there would be enough. Miracles happened as everyone of the hundred and thirty plus children got one. (Oh they had one left over…)

Among the joys we agree Nanny McPhee Returns was enjoyable (even though it has been weeks since her last “Movie Monday”). She told us about her winning a writing contest so she now gets free cup cakes every month. Then she modestly suggested we go see her entry in the Utah State fair. (I later found out it was awarded) Then she shared her U2 Memorabilia collection with us. Unbelievable. This girl is beyond a fan!

State Fair Ribbon WinnerShe shared her challenges in working with this year’s Christmas Card. There is an element she really wants to include but getting it just right has been a challenge. She then shared her break through when a friend took time from his hectic life to help her see through the challenge. She was happy to announce her card will be finished in time this year (though she is a bit behind on her schedule). She demands a lot of herself. She has a high level of excellence set for the finished product. (I could not get out of her what the picture will be.)

My son and I left motivated by the many gifts she had given us. Thanks Elsha!

Sunday I ran into this video which helped me understand fully the viral nature of the good we do in the world.

Then tonight I realized with others on my team that it is really happiness we are sharing as we give of ourselves to others. As we help them see the hope in the world and resolve, like DiDi and Elsha to give it forward while they build others and their business.

My wish for you is HAPPINESS: Pass it on in Random Acts of Kindness.

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