My daughter graduated from high school this last week.  Wow, the world has changed so much since our first daughter graduated 10 years ago.  The online world is an entirely different place.
It caused me to examine how will it be for my daughter when she graduates from college. Will her educational experience give her the skills she needs.  As much as I’d like to think it will, I’m about convinced her success in tomorrows world may have more to do with what she learn on her own and how she couples it with her formal training.
As I see it there are 5 trends are influencing our interactions online.  These will also play into the work world in the near future.

  • Convergence
  • Collaboration
  • Free
  • Transparent
  • Learning

As we learn to adjust to these trends we start to see the world through a different light.  That new light illuminates expanding possibilities.  What skills will the changes require? Consider the change in focus new light provides.  Do you see the vision?

If we can agree that you and me will likely work more like “We” in the coming days then we might begin now to look at models for collaboratively creating.  Listen to this episode of The Teach Jim Show.  I propose a possible way a team could collaborate in creating a meaningful & marketable product.
Maybe it will prepare you and I for the day of our collaboration around “We”.

Teach Jim

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