The Cartoon Coach - Jeremiah CarstarphenI had a wonderful visit with The Cartoon Coach – Jeremiah Carstarphen. His story is one of challenges overcome. The growth through his challenges has him coaching with great empathy now. Here are a few of his setbacks.
He jumped out full time in his network marketing company only to fall behind on my mortgage.
Oh that’s bad.
His credit rating fell into the 400’s. He spent the next year working to improve his credit score from 400 to 800. So he qualified to invest 50,000 in a real estate investment that failed.
Oh that is really bad.
It happened Jeremiah lost my job at the same time the renters of his property left it vacant.
Oh my, that is really sad.
He was left paying my mortgage with my credit card at the end of each month in an effort to salvage his credit rating.
Oh my, that is sad.
He then resolved to improve his situation and be out of the debt. Bankruptcy hit him next.
Oh my, that is terrible.
He resolved to live below his means and save my money by getting roommates. He had to move out multiple times as people broke their leases. His last room mate was crazy so he moved to a warehouse he had access to.
No Way. That is devastating.
While living in the ware house he had to leave early before the commercial business park got going. He would spend the day in the library learning Internet Marketing. Only to return to the warehouse when the library closed.
Oh my, No way that is terribly devastating.
Actually he hit bottom when the car in front of him braked and he swerve only to have his car crushed by a 18 wheeler. After getting stitches at the hospital he had to take the bus home. He was alone in the warehouse he broke down crying in the warehouse.
How could it be OK? Well it is going to be OK now.
He helped my girl friend start Internet marketing over a weekend and she started making money. She shared the idea with some friends. They asked Jeremiah to coach them.
Wow, that is neat!
Soon, many people were calling on The Cartoon Coach’s 24/7 coaching. They signed up through his affiliate links and he started making money with his affiliate programs.
Are you kidding me? Fabulous!
Today he has gone from 4 or 5 students to over 100.
Here is what Jeremiah says
“A few short months ago…not even a year I was working 50-60 hours a week only to make a measly $500 ($400 something after taxes.)
Now I work from home and I have multiple streams of income through affiliate sales, my mlm business, and my own product sales.
Quite often I make more in one 5 minute transaction online than I used to make all week working at that job.
And I do this all from home…from my computer.”
From all these challenges Jeremiah has gleaned the following 4 Principles. He builds his coaching program around these:
1. Remove all selfish intentions
2. Build a community of friends and business partners.
3. Always over deliver in value.
4. Always remain humble and never stop learning
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