The education system that trained you for your job may be the very cause of your online business challenges!

Creativity and the ability to respond to the changes in the market place really are the skills needed for you and your business to have success online. It is likely your education taught you to color in the lines. It taught you to comply with the direction of you “supervisor” – the teacher. It taught you to work to their rules in their ways so you could get your reward – the grade. Consider the findings of Sir Ken Robinson as he shares what “education” has done for creativity.

We need creativity to operate a business. This is so different from the skills we were taught in our schools. Our education may not have given us the skills required for online business success. Online, you need sensitivity to the needs of your audience and the information, products and services you provided. You need to be creative in making the right match to the correct audience. You also need to get creative in the packaging of your offering to meet the needs of your customers.

You need to work smart to get the best use of your time. Every problem you face and every problem your customers face needs a creative solution better than the solutions provided by your competition.

Ever wonder what you can do to break out of the limitations of your education? Now you can apply all your creativity and unique skills in solutions. Solutions for you and your customers. You need to direct your own work and your own learning. As you do expand your experiences by the way you direct your own personal learning projects YOU and not your education pave the path to your online business success.

You and I will need to be prepared to be wrong. This attitude will will allow us to discover the creativity we need to operate your business. We indeed need to rediscover the creativity we loose as we get “educated”.

You and I need to get into our right brain. We need to approach learning in ways that are different from the way we were taught as we were educated.

You and I can take back our lives and the control of our online businesses by applying the skills of self-directed learning. We need to leverage the technology and communication tools as creatively as possible to deliver solutions for our customers. As we each take charge of our own learning we become capable of reinstating our creativity

Let’s work together to break out of our educational foundations to tackle the learning needed to build your online business success story.