Experts have more successful experiences than others. Their experiences are often concentrated into compressed time frames. They have results (good and bad) under their belt. Experts know more than your average Joe (or Jim). Experts stayed on topic and task long enough to be head and shoulders above the crowd. The Instant Expert Formula is the surest path to expert status in an instant (nearly).

Here is how the Instant Expert Formula works.

The Instant Expert Formula leverages recent technology breakthroughs into effective learning strategies so you can

  • Learn More So you Know more you know more
  • Implement Immediately with Intensity
  • Do More so you gain more experience in less time.

You become a master while others are barely beginner breakaways. Leveraging a single technology (My Speedy Video Viewer) into the 3 key steps of the Instant Expert Formula produces results.

Step One: Intensity

The experts journey starts when the interest in a topic grows into an intense desire to know. Not the “I’d like to know” kind of way. The desire and drive jump to insane levels of intensity with each discovery.

Given the right technology and research strategies a budding expert can start to chip away at the mountains of information on a topic. Intensity usually drops to a level of interest except when nuggets of knowledge are discovered early on. Peaked interest and solid, sure sources of knowledge surface during the Intensity period.

Coming up with answers 2 to 3 times faster than the average person are possible as Instant Expert Formula followers use specialized selection strategies with the perception magnifying technologies.

Once the highest quality sources of information are secured the in quickest time frame the Expert to be jumps in 110 %

Did you buy the course to fail? Is it your intent to never finish it? Have you ever made the decision to buy the course or book or series and then not finish it?  The intensity of Instant Experts keep the momentum going. They finish with the help of technology tools and measured intensity.

Step Two: Immersion

Jump in with both feet and your entire heart and soul. Assured of the quality resources you can become the new expert by burying yourself in the high quality resources you identified in your initial intensity.

Most people are intimidated by full immersion. They feel smothered by the mountains of learning materials. For the follower of the Instant Expert Formula the technology tools (like My Speedy Video Viewer ) and the quiet confidence they provide make full immersion a breath of fresh air. Invigorating!

Step Three: Implementation

Intense effort overcoming inertia and the full immersion make for the burning desire to implement. Getting the new knowledge put into the field for full on practice and results. Some implement with caution unsure of the steps gained in their study.

The Instant Expert Formula uses renew and review to activate information gained in the immersion step.  Again modern technologies play an essential role in the renew and review process.  The technology enables the process.  Focus to details and the dedicated action bring results

Ok, It just seems like becoming an Instant Expert

When you compare the Instant Expert Formula to the normal ways we learn the progress is quick and the results real.  I’ve used this strategy in preparing for meetings and interviews and classes I’ve taught and been a student in.  Almost without fail, the rapid exposure to massive amounts of information on topic and the hands on experience of implementation delivers impressive results.
I offer details of how to pull this off while consulting with my clients in their Pivot Point Strategic Session.  Then we know where they are going and can help them apply this exact method into the new direction they are moving.  It works wonders.
You can use the same technology we use.  Check out how it works in the Instant Expert Formula.
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