Years ago, I was introduced to a teaching principle.  Great teachers not only use the best teaching methods to reach their students. Master teachers teach important timeless truths. More than tactic or technique these teachers teach important truths their students may or may not want to learn.  Quality teachers teach their students what is most important using the best methods possible. So, what is of greatest worth in life to teach?
Wealth Acquisition via Gold NuggetsToday I ask you a difficult question I’ve had to ask myself.  Are you and I busy looking for large gold nuggets?  Do we want it all right now?  Are we so set on the big, earth shattering solutions that we are overlooking the simple beauties and riches along the way?
Sometimes when we pursue answers to the problems we face, we jump forward in leaps and bounds seeking to accumulate wealth.  In our running forward in a frenzy we risk missing the flecks of gold along the way.  Life lessons worth learning are strung along our path.  Are we seeing them? Do we see the riches of today?
The accumulation of great riches often happens through the patient collection of tiny gold flecks gathered carefully along the way.  I am grateful much of the wealth I enjoy today has come in this way.  Enjoy this parable:
By small and simple means are great blessings brought to pass. Does your daily method of operation foster this kind of service and reward?  Are you serving others in small and simple ways?  Are you getting better along the way?
I wish you the greatest of wealth and happiness.   Collect the flecks of gold of life.  Enjoy the great wealth from these small and simple things done well over time.  You can accumulate great wealth… beyond your dreams.

Teach Jim