Personal Productivity defines your success quotient in YOU INC.
Your ability to get things done in the time is really important for you, your business and your business partners.  Recently I came face to face with myself again as I considered my use of time.  Sure, I’ve been practicing Getting Things Done strategies for years.  Yes I actually get pretty good for a while there.  Today I decided to reflect on what I am really doing and share with you some of my conclusions.  I hope you find these issues helpful in refining your Personal Productivity Patterns.
Any analsys must begin with a gap analysis.  You know.  What is the gap between what I’ve got and what I want?
What I want is a fully functional productive system:What we want from our productivity patterns
What I’ve got is strong except for the labeled concerns:

What I need seems to be the items marked in red:

In this case I’m pretty satisfied except for three main areas.
1. Processing my inbox fully.
2. Having a single repository for storage and retrieval.
3. Staying fully focused for entire work blocks of time.
As I wonder why I’m not processing my inbox I came to the conclusion it is because I have several different repositories for my inbox info.  I do not trust how well I can get things out of these different repositories.  Accordingly, I am reluctant to put things into the “untrusted” system.
I NEED a TRUSTED repository for ALL or most of my important stuff. I’m looking at an online/offline notes system.  ToodleDo has a notebook section but it only handles basic text.  Spring Pad It  is good for offline / online collection of a variety of document/note types but the tagging/notebook structure seems too binding.  When I conduct searches and my stuff is not showing up it is frustrating.  I’m thinking maybe Evernote with multiple “note” types and it’s text in image recognition capabilities.  But is the search stronger than SpringPadIt?
Are there other options for a single repository for my “valuable” things processed from my inbox?  What are you using?  What do you see as the options?