The Trouble With ElephantsDon’t think about elephants! Those large, grey, animals with rope like tails, trunk legs, a hose nose and super fan ears.
What are you thinking about?
The mind is amazing. Plant a thought and there grows a picture worth more than a 1000 words.  Maybe you even went to the zoo or circus when you thought “elephant”.  Good for you!
Your personal learning and the development of your business  grows when we learn to leverage the power of our mind.  Listening to the stories of  leaders in most any industry you will start to hear a common theme.  They thought they knew enough to accomplish their goal (their perception) only to find they have a lot to learn (reality).
From this lack of knowledge they usually struggle through with persistence and determination.  Finally, with the help of a mentor, diligent study or a stroke of genius/luck they make the break through they need to succeed.
Each of us can anticipate this type of experience as we learn or master something new.  In this pattern we find we can anticipate the learning and success to follow.
On a daily basis we can study and learn what is needed to develop along a path we desire.