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It began at 5:37 am that fateful day.  No really, it was early!  The world for me will never be the same though the  “Life Changing” descriptor probably does not fit.  I saw the  opportunity . I acted immediately.  I JUMPED!  (More about later in the “How to Learn Like a Guru” course.)
When I landed and it was awesome… free leads!  Everyday. Every time of day.  All day long.  Talk about cool.  It was like having a pile of seeds.  Leads would mean my business would take off.  Leads could mean no more chasing people.
What would you do with real, honest everyday leads for your business?  Well, that’s what I should have done too.  I didn’t….

Take 3 Super Simple StepsFocused on Seeds? Leads?

Leads Lead to Cash… Regular Ongoing Cash.  Until…

…it stopped.  This is where some of the failures surfaced.   My very business began to falter… Don’t worry, I’m still OK. You’ll likely survive as well.
You may not get it.  Having a the pile of seeds (leads) isn’t enough to build your business.   Lead Generation System produces may not be what you should be focused on.
resulted in some successes but a whole lot (41,844) failures. Among other things we’ll be sure to cover:

Step 1. Implement Your Lead Generation System so you won’t loose out on valuable visitors like I did.

  • Relevant
  • Congruent
  • Authentic Authority
  • Unique Voice
  • Deliver Real Value

Focus on Results

Step 2. Compensate for Weaknesses in your Lead Generation System.

  • Productivity Performance Patterns (MOM is alive and well!)
  • Opimize Your Results with Project Management
  • Run YOUR Business not THEIR system
  • Put YOU into the Formula
  • Keep Current with Follow Up

Step 3. Use Your Unique Voice in your Lead Generation System to Amplify Your Authentic Authority

Many companies provide pre-build lead generation systems for you.  You may be tempted to use their systems without putting YOU into the formula.  This can be a mistake if you are not careful.  Because you are different and have a unique voice you will want “you” in the process early and often.
To get started with a new effort you may need to leverage the quality of the initial system.  This is fine for getting going.  You can add  yourself into the system with early and often  quality followup.
As soon as you are ready jump into your own system or interject you into every aspect of the marketing system.  We have tools and techniques for moving this along quickly.  Some systems in the “Breakthrough or Bust Home Business Lead Generation System” Report allow easy and simple customization. (We can help you with this if you need.)

Step 4. Deliver More than Required… Always! (Bonus Step!)

Your chance to see the secret foundation behind it all.

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You’ll also get the summary of lessons learn on how to leverage Lead Generation Systems into your next success story.
Apply the lessons learned so you can enjoy the rewards of 41,844 failures….
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