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How do you grow from borrowing $20 to take your kids to the movies to making a consistent online income?  How do you recover from divorce, debt and devastation to presenting at VIP events?  I’m not sure how you do all that but Mark Call does.  He has lived a 5 year transformation that has taken him from down and out looking like Uncle Fester (his words) to publishing books, speaking around the country and live in his dream home.

Meet Mark Call

Last week, I had the good fortune of meeting Mark Call at the pre-launch mini event for Russell Brunson’s “20 Minute Pay Check”.  I had never hear Mark’s background story.  His presentation was touching and meaningful.  Mark hit on to the human elements of building a business (on or off line).
Mark’s experience owning a successful grocery store and his  online success made him uniquely qualified to speak to tranformational change.  He shared many keys that can help anyone getting going in business.
You will want to make time to watch the entire video if you can.  Here a a few of the key nuggets I found between min 5:40 and 12:00.  I’m sure you’ll find many more. (Please add them through the comments!)
Mark Call and his wife Leena1. How do you get the support of your spouse?
2. With whom should you associate?
3. How do I learn the latest? (hint: attending live events is part of it…)
4. Success starts small. Leverage little successes to build toward the next one.
5. Attribute your success to those supporting you along the way. (Mark attributes all his success to his wife. He is a smart man!)

I hope you found Mark Call’s presentation a sourced of motivation and helpful to you as you grow closer to your goals and dreams.  I look forward to working with many of you as you grow through your transformations and develop yourself and your business.
The “GVO” and  “Pure Leverage” products he shares are some of the  key tools he and I use in our internet marketing businesses. Mark Call host webinars in the Pure Leverage back office also.  You can explore them yourself .
As always I wish you the best of success,
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